Trapped by your inventory?

Shelves full of items that aren't selling? Sales staff selling out-of-stock items? Constantly reordering the same items?

It's time to take control of your inventory!

A creative Inventory Management System designed specifically for the distributor.

This Next Generation Inventory Management System is an Integrated Suite of Tools that will Enhance and Simplify your Parts Management Process.

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  ONA Inventory Features:

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  • Features
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Import
  • Export
  • Fully customizable user access.
    You can set each user's individual priveleges based on your company's workflow model.

  • The system administrator can create and assign special databases for testing new versions of ONA Inventory, or creating a demo platform without impacting the live, production, system.

  • Licensing at the user, site, or enterprise level.

  • Display help information anytime by pressing F1.

  • Display tips by hovering over fields.

  • All display grids are exportable to Excel.

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  • Manage In-house inventory, supplier consignments, and/or supplier's excess inventory.

  • Inventory search by number, SKU, NSN, internal number, category, description, etc.

  • Categorize your inventory by two levels of category.

  • Store alternate and internal item numbers.

  • Store SKU and NSN numbers.

  • View stock levels at a glance.

  • Set quantity sales pricing levels.

  • Store and display item images.

  • View and edit quantities by source and type.

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  • Maintain full vendor information including multiple locations and multiple contacts.

  • Gather multiple purchase requests for a vendor in a cart.

  • Process receiving partial shipments.

  • Request price quotes from vendors.

  • Track all purchases and quote requests.

  • Process returns of undesirable items.

  • Specify separate ship to and bill to locations.

  • View purchase history trends.

  • Export PO details for import into your Accounting System.

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  • Maintain detail customer information including multiple locations and multiple contacts.

  • View detail customer purchase and quote history.

  • Assign customers to sales staff.

  • Maintain a customer cart.

  • Cart items are held in reserve to avoid overselling.

  • Ability to sell out-of-stock items.

  • Drop-ship items directly from Vendor.

  • View sales history trends.

  • Export Sales history for import into you Accounting System.

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  • Maintain Assembly details including engineering drawings and instruction sheets.

  • Maintain detail bill-of-materials on all assemblies.

  • Create work orders to maintain stock levels.

  • Create work orders directly from sales requests.

  • Create purchasing requests to fulfill work order shortages.

  • Hold parts in stock to fulfill work orders.

  • Pick available stock to satisfy work orders.

  • Track production levels.

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  • Import inventory by type (ex. Consignment, excess).

  • Store multiple custom import templates by vendor.

  • Export import errors for further analysis in Excel.

  • System generateable lot numbers.

  • Create item categories on-the-fly during import.

  • Preview import data

  • Undo entire imports.

  • Create customized inventory files to send to other suppliers or public databases like IC Source.

  • Export by vendor.

  • Export by Lot Number.

  • Export by Inventory Type (ex. Inhouse, consignment, etc.)

  • Choose the fields you want exported.

  • Perform multiple export operations simultaneously.

  • Export to an Excel readable .csv format.

  • Create a consignee or excess inventory file.

  • Email the exported file.

  • FTP the exported file directly to a remote server.

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