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Web Tools

There are many web development tools available to the developer. These tools vary from free to over $1,000.

  Web design and management

There are tools that manage the entire web development process from design and layout to publishing.

MS Frontpage - $139.95 - Website management and design from Microsoft.
Dreamweaver - $200.00 - Website management and design from Adobe.


Adobe Flash - retail $699 - Animation authoring tool. There are websites that offer online tools for making banners and animated text effects.

See additional graphics options

Animation Online
- $9.95 / month
Cool Text - Free

  Web templates These are prebuilt sites that you customize for your own needs. They range in price from free to several thousand dollars. See samples
  Web builders Many hosting companies offer turnkey web solutions. They offer online tools that guide you through the steps you need. They will also publish and host the site. It is a quick and economical solution if you know exactly what you want.
  Website checking tools

There are tools that you can use to check your site.

          Net Mechanic - check your site for dead links

  Traffic checkers

These are tools that report on hits to your site and individual pages.

Google Analytics provides tools to track visitors and analyze your site's content . - Free

Prices shown are approximate. Price will vary depending on purchase location.

Not sure which tools are best for you or how to best use the tools? We can help. Just contact us with your questions. Next: Build your Web Content

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