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The Structure of a Web Site
A web site consists of pages, pictures, text, and links. Make sure your site contains all the pages expected by its visitors.

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Layout of a simple eCommerce Website
Home Page Your first impression. Describe your business. Provide navigation to the rest of the site.
Search Page Displays a list of products based on a search criteria.
Product Pages Product description and pictures. You can have one page per product or category.
Login User can register and login for secure shopping. Site can "remember" visitors and customize content to the users needs.
About Page Tell visitors about yourself. Describe success stories.
Contact Page A place where visitors can describe themselves, make comments, and tell you of their desires.
Shopping Cart This page lists the products the visitor has selected for purchasing. Include a short description, availability, pricing, quantities desired, and shipping options.
Checkout Process credit cards (or PayPal), final verification of customer order, and confirmation of completed sale.
Database Your inventory.
Maintenance A secure page used to update the product catalog.
A web site can be much more complex and offer a great deal more content than illustrated above.  
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