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Upgrading VB 6 to .NET
Features no longer supported Resources

These VB6 features have been removed from VB.NET. They will generate an error.

  • Fixed length strings and arrays.
  • Defint
  • the OLE container control
  • There are no shape or line controls
  • Dynamic Data Exhange (DDE)
  • the Form.PrintForm method
  • the Name property for forms and controls at run time
  • DAO is no longer supported. Upgrade to ADO prior to conversion.
  • Webclasses
  • VB 5.0 controls
  • ActiveX documents should either be rewritten as user controls or left in Visual Basic 6.0.
  • The following functions will no longer return Null:
    • Chr,
    • Command,
    • CurDir,
    • Date,
    • Environ,
    • Error,
    • Hex,
    • LCase,
    • LTrim,
    • Oct,
    • Right,
    • RTrim,
    • Space,
    • Str,
    • Time,
    • Trim,
    • UCase
  • In previous versions of Visual Basic, DefBool, DefByte, DefInt, DefLng, DefCur, DefSng, DefDbl, DefDec, DefDate, DefStr, DefObj and DefVar are used in the declarations section of a module to define a range of variables as a certain type. For example, DefInt A-C defines all variables beginning with the letter A, B, or C as an integer. Instead of using Def<type> statements, you should explicitly declare variables.
  • Computed GoTo/GoSub
  • Option Base
  • VarPtr, ObjPtr, StrPtr
  • LSet
  • the As Any variable type in a Declare statement

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