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Upgrading VB 6 to .NET

Organizations wishing to upgrade from Visual Basic version 6 to .NET face a time consuming task. Microsoft formalized the entire framework. On this page we present tips, code samples, and information that will ease the process.

Microsoft has an upgrade tool that upgrades your code to .NET. Mostly, it identifies items that need to be handled manually. The best way to proceed is to run the conversion tool on your VB6 code and make as many changes as you can in VB 6 rather than trying to fix the .NET partially converted code. This will reduce your debugging efforts since its a lot easier to test individual changes in VB 6. The .NET code will be far from complete and very difficult to test until you have made all the required changes.

MS VB 6 Upgrade Home

VB 6 Upgrade Assessment Tool

How to: Add Visual Basic 6.0 File System Controls to Your Application

VB 6 to .NET Upgrade BLOG

Help for VB 6 Users

MS Interop Forms Toolkit

Office Development with Visual Studio

Upgrading to VB 2008

Installing and Running the Upgrade Tool
  • Go to the Microsoft Visual Basic 5 Upgrade Home page.
  • Download and install the VB 6 Upgrade Assessment Tool.
  • The tools installs as an addin to Visual Studio 2005.
  • Start Visual Studio and open your VB 6 project.
  • Visual Studio will notify you that the project is VB 6 and needs to be upgraded before it can be opened.
  • Run the upgrade tool
  • It will ask you for a directory to store the converted project.
  • The upgrade can take a few seconds to several minutes.

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Sample upgrade report

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