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Sample Applications

On this page we feature some of the applications we have built. All of the systems we build include Installation setup. The end user can install the application on their network. They are accessible by multiple users and support openning multiple windows within the application. We have developed standardized interfaces to databases, Excel, and email.

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Tanning Salon Company (payroll)

The client owns and manages 18 tanning salons around the Los Angeles area. They needed a small payroll system that receives employee hours from the salons in .CSV format. The system stores the information in an MS Access database. Twice a month the daily and weekly overtime hours are calculated and a file is created (in .CSV format) and sent to ADP for processing. Reports are produced via Crystal Reports.

DVD Distributor (mass mailing)

This client manages the mass mailing of prerelease DVD's for the producers. The DVD's are sent to video outlets nationwide. The system allows the user to select by parental rating, genre, and outlet type (video store, supermarket, etc.), creates a mailing list and prints the mailing labels.


Ad Agency

This system was built as a satelite system to the ad agency's primary management system. The application manages their “per inquiry” business. Each user has a local MS Access DB (that defines their profile and access rights) that links to a common an SQL Server DB, a Foxpro DB, and an rBase DB.    It performs complex queries joining all of the above databases to produce reports. Reports are produced via Crystal Reports.

Commercial Building Energy Improvement (questionaire)

The client provides technology and upgrades commercial office building to reduce their energy consumption. They work with several utility companies to make rebate programs available to their clients. The system needed to maintain a database of the utility company's clients. Prospect needs are qualified via an online questionaire. Once qualified an engineer is sent to the site.

The system allows the user to maintain the questionaire and stores the prospect's answers. It also outputs an Excel spreadsheet that is sent back to the utility for review. The system supports multiple questionaires. Questions are customizable by the user. The sysem also supports sending emails and displaying directions for the engineers.

Asset management (Insurance)

This system managed and distributed the assets of a defunct insurance company to 75,000 policy holders. The application performed complex calculations and generated reimbursement checks. 


Data Migration Tool

In this day and age of multiple platforms, new database methodologies, diverse operating environments, and remote users; you need better ways to access the data needed to produce the information needed to run a successful business. CATRAN-VDM is the 15 minute database migration system. Using a simple point-and-click, flowchart-like GUI interface the developer simply selects the tables and files to copy to the new platform and specifies the fields to use.

The system was written in VB 6 and upgraded to VB.NET

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Legacy Language Translation System

Built a mainframe legacy language translation system that reengineered an old 4th generation language (CA-IDEAL) to mainframe COBOL.  The application used MS Access as its primary database and was written in VB 6.


Email Redirector

The client wanted the ability to alter the pop server settings of their client's email systems to redirect outgoing emails to a different server. The system supported Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, and Mozila.

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