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Selecting a Hosting Provider
When a person displays a web page from the Internet such as Yahoo, they connect to the Internet via an ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is the ISP that is actually connected to the Internet. The user's request is routed to a content provider that returns a web page or other information. Resources


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Having your own web site means that you are a content provider. Unless you will be purchasing the computer equipment needed to house your web site and connect directly to the Internet, you will use the services of a Hosting Company.

Hosting companies typically host hundreds and possibly thousands of web sites. They charge a monthly fee for this service. The fees vary by company and the services the client requires.

There are several things to consider when selecting a hosting provider.

  Cost The monthly fee. This can vary a great deal depending on the provider and the services you need.
  Email Hosting companies provide email services. The number of accounts you can have varies. Each person that will be receiving mail through the hosting company is set up as an individual account. Thus john@yourdomainname.extension and fred@yourdomainname.extension are considered two accounts.
  Disk Space Large eCommerce web sites require a great deal of disk space. Storing pictures and having a database takes a lot of room on the hosting companies servers.
  Database Not all hosting companies support all databases. Be sure that the database you will be using is supported. Web sites that use some databases like MS Access or MS SQL typically charge more to host your site.
  Platform The primary platform for web hosting is UNIX (or a variation on it). UNIX servers do NOT support Microsoft databases or development tools like ASP.
  Traffic Some hosting providers charge more if the web site has a lot of traffic. Sometimes they will charge more during periods of high volume.

You have purchased your domain name and selected a hosting provider. Now its time to select the tools you will need.

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