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Getting Started (planning for your web site)

Having a website built can be a daunting task. There are a multitude of tools, companies, and alternatives available. Hiring a web programmer can be expensive. There are a few guidelines that will help you estimate the final cost of your web site,

  • Decide how many pages you need for your site. More pages increases the cost.
  • Know what you want. What is the purpose of the site? Define the content. Have you selected the pictures you will want? Hring someone to plan you site will raise the cost and will require several iterations to settle on a final design.
  • Select the special features and components that will be used on the site. A simple HTML based site is straightforward and inexpensive. Adding a database, eCommerce capabilities,or flash animations will raise the cost.

If you plan to build your website yourself, there are some tools you will need. These tools, of course, require learning which will delay deploying your site. There are a host of free tools on the web. During the course of this guide, we will identify many of the alternative tools and services available.

Once you have developed a clear idea of the look and scope of your site, you will need to get a domain name.

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