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Software Development
As your business grows:
  You develop unique business strategies.
  Your off-the-shelf software restricts your efforts.
  The small company model becomes inefficient.
  Your staff spends its time moving data from one system to another.
  Your staffing needs grow exponentially.

The inefficiencies and growing staff hinder your ability to react to a rapidly changing marketplace.

It's time to consider a custom software solution!


Online Networking has been in the software development business for several decades. Modern software development requires a wide range of skills from flash to ASP to database knowledge. With over 75,000 software products on the market, it is dificult to find people who are experts in every tool you will use.

We bring together experts in the various disciplines the client desires in order to produce the best results possible. Online Netoworking has under taken projects from the very small to very large.

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Custom software is the preferred solution for businesses with unique requirements.  Whether you are marketing a software tool or need to reduce your backoffice workflow, a custom system is the perfect solution.

And development is quicker than you might think.  Most systems are composed of reusable building blocks.  These reusable building blocks can be recombined quickly and easily to create new applications.

At Online Networking, we do not reinvent "the wheel".  We can quickly add an email interface or a prospect survey to an application.  There are literally thousands of "business object" available at reasonable cost. 

Online Networking deploys a simple methodology to insure that your systems are build quickly and efficiently.  As your business needs change and evolve, our systems easily change with you.
Technical Expertise
  • .NET, C#, VB, ASP
  • SQL Server, Oracle,
  • DB/2, MS Access
  • Foxpro, rBase
  • MS Office integration
  • SOA
  • Client/Server
  • Mainframe Systems
Online Networking and Assoc. Inc.   dennis@onlinenetworking.org