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About Us

Online Networking has been in business for several decades. We have performed projects a small as writing an email interceptor for MS Outlook to building a large computer complex for the US Army. As the computer industry shifted away from legacy mainframes to client/server applications to web-enabled systems, we have kept pace.

Our company has decades of accrued experience working with clients to create more efficient, cost effective business solutions by optimizing and updating outmoded programs and cumbersome databases.

Today we offer application development solutions. To insure the client receives the best service posible, we employ senior developers and designers.

Our Approach Is to provide high-quality services and software at reasonable process. We do this by keeping our overhead as low as possible without compromising quality..  We work closely with our clients to provide services that "fit" seamlessly into their environment.

Working with companies large and small, Online Networking is able to accommodate the needs of a wide array of industries from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Online Networking and Assoc. Inc.   dennis@onlinenetworking.org