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Web Resource and Development Guide

Whether you need a new website to promote your business or have an established web presence that you would like maintained, Online Networking is your one-stop solution center.

In these pages Online Networking will walk you through the process of building an eye-catching web site. You will be able to select styles, hosting solutions and custom components.

If you prefer we will do all the work. Just contact us to discuss your specific needs and desires.

Custom Solutions A guided Tour

A web site can be much more than a place to meet people and shop. A custom application can greatly enhance your business by improving workflow and automating record keeping and reporting. And a web application is instantly available to anyone with a web browser.

Online Networking will develop and maintain your custom applications. We offer software development services utilizing C#, VB, .NET, and ASP. We can interface to your existing DBMS. We have developed systems using MS SQL, DB/2, Foxpro, rBase, MS Acess, and Oracle.  Learn more...


As software evolves, businesses are faced with the daunting task of upgrading their tools, replatforming their systems, and implementing new database solutions.

We have built a guide for the Visual Basic version 6 user wishing to upgrade to the newer .NET platform.

In the future we will expand this section to include other languages, tools, and database migrations.

This guided tour will explain everything you need to know to design, publish, and promote your web site. Learn basic concepts and link to resources that will help you get up and running quickly.


 1.   Getting Started (planning)
 2.   Getting a Domain Name
 3.   Select a Hosting Solution
 4.   Web Site Design Tools
 5.   Web Site Content
 6.   Web Site Structure
 7,   Publishing your Web Site
 8.   Driving traffic to your site
 9.   Making money with your site

Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, ASP and much more at the free W3 Schools.

Online Networking can design, build, and manage your website so you can get on with your business. Our prices are economical. Just fill out the Contact Us questionnaire.




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